Isolated condominiums with fences, closed subways and even home inspections: China intensifies restrictions due to the advance of Covid-19 | World

Unable to control the advance of Covid-19 cases, Beijing, China, announced this Wednesday (4) new restrictions on the movement of citizens, including isolated condominiums and closed subways.

Despite having recorded only 51 cases in the last 24 hours, the Chinese capital fears the same explosion of infected as Shanghai.where around 5,000 people were confirmed to have the disease in just one day.

There, part of the residents have not been able to go out on the street for more than a month, and, in some regions, residents report that local authorities carry out mandatory inspections inside the houses to check for contaminated people.

A man hands a shopping bag to a resident of an isolated, fenced-off residential complex in Beijing. — Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/ Reuters

Among the new restrictions, the Chinese capital, which has 21 million inhabitants, also isolated entire residential complexes and closed 45 subway stations, representing 15% of the local network, as well as fitness centers and entertainment venues. Restaurants remain closed for on-site consumption.

This is the most serious outbreak of Covid-19 in China since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.. At the time, the Chinese government adopted a zero-tolerance policy against the coronavirus, which included measures such as the isolation of entire cities and mandatory testing of the entire population when only a few cases were discovered.

One of the 45 subway stations that were closed in Beijing this Wednesday (4). — Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/ Reuters

Fear of explosion of cases in Beijing

In Beijing, many tourist sites also adopted restrictions during the usually busy May 1 long holiday.

Seller passes food bag under siding set up this Wednesday (4) to isolate residents after positive cases at the site. — Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/ Reuters

Residents began to stock up on food and essentials, fearing a lockdown that could be suddenly announced. The China World Trade Center, which includes offices and commercial areas, will remain closed until Sunday.

In addition to Beijing, the central city of Zhengzhou has also increased controls to fight Covid, with residents of the main part of the city forced to remain in their residential complexes.

Shanghai, where the weeks of confinement have provoked criticism against the public administration and the excessive zeal of the authorities, faces problems in providing supplies to confined residents and in caring for patients with problems not linked to Covid-19.

Hundreds of people died in the city of 25 million, most of them unvaccinated elderly people.

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