Parents of Rare Diseased Woman Found ‘Sunk’ on Sofa Could Be Convicted of Murder in US | World

The parents of a 36-year-old woman who suffered from a rare disease and died of starvation in early 2022 will be tried for murder, the Louisiana state court ruled on Monday.

According to the newspaper “The Daily Mails”, Lacey Fletcher, the victim who suffered from an illness called pseudocoma.

This disease that affects a small fraction of people who have had a stroke. There is no treatment or cure, and hardly a patient recovers motor functions -they lose control of all voluntary muscles (only the eyes move).

The prosecutor in the case, Ewell Dewitt Bickham, considers that the parents should be convicted of negligent homicide, as they were responsible for their daughter.

This Monday (2), the Justice of the state of Louisiana accepted the suit against the parents, Clay and Sheila Fletcher, and ordered the arrest of the two.

The decision to prosecute the two for murder was made by a group of jurors. According to Bickham, during the exposition of the case, there were doctors to attend to these jurors, who could feel sick just by seeing the photos of Lacey’s situation.

Bickham claimed that Lacey stayed on the same couch for 12 years or more. In the US news, it is said that she had “melted” (she was sunk in a hole in the middle of the sofa). According to the WBRZ TV network, police discovered that the last time a doctor examined her was in 2002.

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