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Mental hygiene can be understood literally, that is, it is about cleaning the mind. The goal is to adopt some habits that can restore balance to your mental frequencies. This is not astrology or any kind of spiritual practice, but science.

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Like muscles, skeleton and organs, the mind also needs care. After all, a mind with low vitality and poor health can present problems. Anxiety, depression, syndromes, stress and several other mental problems can compromise the quality of life as a whole.

Therefore, mental hygiene is indicated and must be established to ensure a better quality of life. Burnout Syndrome, for example, is one of the diseases that can be avoided through mental hygiene. You will be able to reduce cortisol levels, which will reduce your stress levels.

Tips to practice mental hygiene and live better

Below you can find some tips and practices that should be performed daily to apply mental hygiene. Live better from today.

1 – Practice mindfulness/meditation or mindfulness

In the beginning, it doesn’t take so much time to practice, just 15 minutes a day is enough. All you need to do is sit or sit in an upright and comfortable posture. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Hear all the noises, smell the scents and let the thoughts come and go. Always do this for 15 minutes.

2 – Give your body what it needs

We often know what the body needs, but we still ignore it. As you hone your mindfulness, it will be even easier to recognize your own organic demands. By the way, perform the mental demands too, that is, if you need to complete a job, complete it.

3 – Do physical activity

30 minutes of walking 5 times a week is good enough. According to a recent US survey, 150 minutes of moderate activity a week is enough to be healthier. Physical exercise will regulate various organic relationships within your body.

4 – Shut Down!

You need to turn it off at the end of an active day. Just stop working, studying or doing whatever you have to do. Turn off and relax, try to sleep without the help of a cell phone and any other equipment.

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