Scientists create mobile app that can identify Alzheimer’s and ADHD

The diagnosis of some neurological diseases is quite complicated: only after presenting several symptoms will the person seek help, or may even spend a lifetime not knowing what is wrong. To facilitate the process, scientists at the University of California at San Diego, in the United States, created an application that can track disorders and disorders such as ADHD and Alzheimer’s.

Using the front camera of the most modern devices, which has infrared technology to recognize the user’s face, the scientists were able to develop an application that tracks the change in pupil size. Recent studies show that pupil size is linked to the patient’s neurological functions.

This type of examination is currently performed only in laboratories and clinics and requires specialized equipment. The researchers’ idea is to popularize the test. The data from the app was comparable to that found by the machine considered the gold standard for detecting changes in pupil size.


The app is still a prototype and needs to be developed, but the researchers are excited and won an honorable mention for best paper at the ACM Computer Human Interaction Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, a conference.

Elderly participants helped create the interface, which should be simple enough for multiple people to use. The next phase of the study is to test the app with older individuals and those with mild cognitive impairment.

“We hope this opens the door to further explorations of using smartphones to detect and monitor potential health problems earlier,” explains study author Colin Barry to the University of California’s website.

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