SUS Municipal continues without vacancies for children in ICUs-SRAG

Ouro Verde Hospital, in Campinas (Photo: PMC)

The Campinas Department of Health reported this Tuesday (3) that there are still no exclusive vacancies in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for children with SARS (severe acute respiratory syndromes) in the Municipal SUS.

According to the folder, all 34 beds of this type in hospitals managed by the municipal executive are occupied. Adding the structure with the State SUS and the private network, the use of pediatric units rose to 90%.

Of the total of 100 beds, 90 are with patients and 10 are available. Among those hospitalized, 55 are with SRAGs. Children’s ICU beds are available as follows:

SUS Municipal 34 beds; everyone is busy, which equates to 100% occupancy.

SUS State 20 beds, of which 18 are occupied, which is equivalent to 90% occupancy. There are two free beds.

Particularly 46 beds, of which 38 are occupied, which is equivalent to 82.6% occupancy. There are eight beds available.


Also according to the Campinas Department of Health, the waiting list for vacancies in the municipal SUS children’s ward has 17 pediatric patients.

The total is 39.2% lower than that recorded in last Monday’s bulletin (2), when the ministry counted 28 children waiting for vacancies of this type.

With all 59 beds occupied, the municipality reported that the 17 minors are waiting for units and are assisted in the city’s emergency rooms.


The secretary also detailed how the Adult ICU beds are. There are 75 vacancies for patients with SARS in the public and private health networks.

Of the total number of beds, 45 are occupied, which corresponds to 60%. There are 30 free beds in the municipal and private networks (see details below).

There are currently five adult patients with covid-19 hospitalized in the ICU and 17 in the ward. Adult ICU beds are available as follows:

SUS Municipal 27 beds, of which 23 are occupied, which is equivalent to 85.2% occupancy. There are four beds available.

SUS State 10 beds, of which 7 are occupied, which corresponds to 70% of occupancy. There are three free beds.

Particularly 38 beds, of which 15 are occupied, which is equivalent to 39.5% occupancy. There are 23 beds available.


Campinas confirmed this Tuesday another 2,913 new cases of covid-19. According to the City Hall, the total is high due to the excess of dammed confirmations.

The city also detailed again that it has not recorded any deaths from the disease in the last 24 hours. This is the fifth time this has happened throughout the year.

Check the details of the epidemiological bulletin:

Cases: 204,819 (there were 201,906), 2,913 more than on Monday;

Deaths: 5,069


Total doses of vaccines applied against covid-19: 2,764,843
1st dose: 1,050,580
2nd dose: 1,002,983
Single dose: 33,810
Additional dose: 677,470

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