Tricks to hide WhatsApp online status and have more privacy

THE Whatsapp It’s not just about texting and calling, but also videos, audios and in-app payments. The convenience and agility of WhatsApp has generated debate about whether or not the new technology invades privacy of users.

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The default is that every time you access the application, your contacts can see in the conversation window the indication that you are online. There are currently no options to hide the chat window with settings from the tool itself, but there are extensions and tips that can make this process more discreet for other users.

Settings to not appear online on WhatsApp

Turning off notifications – or any other type of interruption – is one way to prevent you from appearing online on WhatsApp. But instead, you can enter your replies directly into the fields shown in WhatsApp notifications.

For those using Android phones, you can go to WhatsApp settings and select “Notifications”. Then enable the “High Priority Notifications” option to ensure you get your messages at once.

On your iPhone, there are a variety of notification settings. From the “Notifications” menu, you can choose “In-App Alerts”. That way, you can decide how to send WhatsApp notifications that alert you but allow you to use the app.

Use your phone’s airplane mode

You can disable your phone data to avoid appearing online on WhatsApp by turning off your smartphone’s Wi-Fi and mobile network. You’ll have peace of mind that the app won’t be able to connect or access data about you.

Sometimes, you may encounter an app that seems to stop receiving messages or not sure if you are online. You should always be in control of this and continue to log in and update your status as often as you like.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp GB APK to take online status?

There are a few options to download GB WhatsApp on Android, which are available on the APK website, where there is also a file available for download.

This app does not pass the store’s security checks, which ensures that your smartphone can be used without damage. Because of this, the use of this app is not recommended.

To use it, you need to Google the name, download and transfer the file to your mobile. This process may take a few minutes. This APK appears in WhatsApp, in the menu. When selecting it, it offers two options: “Hide last seen” and “Type”. Just choose the first option.

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