Twitter announces that it has released Roda to selected users

The Twitter Wheel works very similarly to Instagram’s Best Friends. With it, you will be able to limit your publications to a select group of your contact list.

After selecting the friends who can join your Roda, you can choose which tweets will appear for all your followers or just for those in the selected group. If you choose the second option, only they will be able to interact with the post.

The list has a limited number of users and allows only 150 friends to be placed on the Wheel.

Twitter’s intention is to give more control to who has access to what you post and allow you to be more personal at the time of that outburst related to a family problem or disagreement at work, without this causing you problems, removing the need for accounts. anonymous. With this, the user will be able to choose who he will place on the Wheel.

At the moment, only selected users are able to use this functionality, but you can join the Wheel of your friends who have benefited from the new feature.

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