Twitter wheel: social network releases ‘Best Friends’ function

This Tuesday (3), Twitter announced that it is officially testing the feature Twitter Circlewhich will allow share content only with selected friends. called ‘Twitter Wheel” in Brazil, the The new feature will work as a version of the Close Friends feature (in Portuguese, Best Friends), available on Instagram.

By using the functionality, instead of sharing the message publicly, users can write tweets to a group of up to 150 people. Thus, it is possible to limit certain messages and create a small circle of people who access the content.

“Some Tweets are for everyone and some are just for people you’ve chosen. We are now testing Twitter Circle, which allows you to add up to 150 people who can see your tweets when you want to share with a smaller audience. Some of you can create your own Twitter Wheel starting today.”

Full release coming soon

Selected friends can be removed or added at any time on the Twitter Circle, and only group members can reply to messages sent in the circle. For now, the feature will only be available to select users.

In the last week, rumors surfaced indicating that Twitter was planning to launch Twitter Circle soon. While there is still no official release forecast, the function is already available to a considerable group of users in Brazil. Soon, the arrival of “Twitter Wheels” for everyone could happen soon.

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