US Supreme Court Confirms Abortion Document Is ‘Authentic’ But Not ‘Final’ – News

The United States Supreme Court confirmed this Tuesday (3) the authenticity of a internal document that suggests the end of the constitutional right to abortion in the countrypublished by Politico, but stressed that it does not represent the “final” decision of the highest American Court.

In a note, the president of the Court, Justice John Roberts, added that he had ordered an investigation to discover the origin of the leak, considered an extraordinary and unprecedented violation of institutional protocol.

For the magistrate, “this betrayal” aims to “undermine the integrity of the operations” of the court.
But he promised that “it will not succeed: the work of the court will not be affected in any way”.

The conservative-leaning Supreme Court after the appointment of three justices by former President Donald Trump is due to make a long-awaited decision before June 30 on a Mississippi law that limits the legal term for abortion.

At a hearing in December, conservative justices seemed inclined to use this case to reverse, at least in part, the landmark 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, in which the Supreme Court recognized the constitutional right to abortion.

The document published this Monday (2) by the Political is a draft of the decision written by minister Samuel Alito and distributed to colleagues in February.

“We believe that Roe v. Wade should be overturned” and that the right to abortion “is not protected by any provision of the Constitution,” Alito maintains in the 98-page document.

The text reflects the existence, in February, of a majority to support this position, but it is possible that there will be negotiations until the final decision.

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