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Goiânia, May 4, by Ellen Alves. The entertainment notebook Prime diary brings an article about the social network Twitter, the wealthy Elon Musk recently bought this network, and there are some changes coming.

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Billionaire Elon Musk managed to buy the social network company for $44 billion. In addition, a curious fact is that the tycoon was already a user of the network. His fame is not the best on Twitter and he is considered a troublemaker.

Already swore a “pedophile” to an English diver who was trying to save some children trapped in a cave in Thailand. In addition, he downplayed the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and made fun of billionaire Bill Gates.

His fortune is estimated at around $250 billion., equivalent to more than R$ 1 trillion. Most of this money comes from Tesla-branded electric cars. The cars are 100% electric. In other words, the brand has a consolidated market in the electric car business.

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“Best friends” function on Twitter

Apparently Twitter is testing a new function called “Twitter Wheel”. It is very reminiscent of Instagram’s “Best Friends” story tool. In this role you can add up to 150 people who will receive your exclusive Tweets.

The function is available for some users to test. Many people are happy because on the one hand it increases privacy, and you can select the people you would like to see your posts. However, some people have complained that they will no longer be able to stalk those profiles they are so curious about.

In addition, the company will increase some new functions, for example. Best tweets, pinned and filtered. Don’t worry, we’ll explain the difference between each of these new features on the bird’s net:

  • Best tweets: posts that got the most engagement will be highlighted in the user’s profile. This makes it easier to find the messages that get the most retweets or replies.
  • Pinned tweets: with the new option, users will be able to choose favorite tweets and pin them to the top of the page to show others.
  • Filtered tweets: you will be able to choose if you want to see all the tweets, or just the replies, or the ones that have media content.

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