BRL 1,819! Apple starts selling 3-meter Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable at an unusual price in Brazil

After going viral with the polishing cloth that costs R$ 219, Apple returned to the spotlight this Wednesday (04) at the make available a 3-meter version of its Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable that costs BRL 1,819 in Brazil. The model arrived at the company’s North American store for an incredible US$ 159, which converts to around R$ 795.

The cable is available at the official big tech store and does not seem to make any difference (except for the size) compared to the original version with a 1.8 meter wire — also sold on the platform at the unfriendly price of R$ 1,479. See the product sheet:

Apple advertises that its Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable has a “braided design to prevent tangles”. The accessory can be used to connect external displays to Mac with Display Port (HBR3), transfer files to external storage or charge smartphones and other products with power up to 100 watts.

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Despite the exorbitant price, the accessory actually has complex technologies that guarantee greater strength and longevity to the connector. In the last month, the 1.8 meter version was “dissected” revealing a protective structure with gold-plated studs.

If you are interested in purchasing the R$ 1,819 cable, Apple offers free shipping, 10% discount on cash payments or up to 12 installments of R$ 151.58.

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(Updated May 5, 2022 at 7:02 am)

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