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Vaccination against coronavirus advances in the city

Elderly people over 70 years old can look for one of the 13 vaccination sites against the coronavirus intended for adults to take the fourth dose of the immunizer starting this Wednesday (4). The vaccine can be given to the elderly who are more than four months apart from the booster dose (third dose). Vaccination points are open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. On Saturdays, the Clínica Gonçalense do Mutondo and the Clínica da Família Dr. Zerbini, at Arsenal, vaccinate from 8 am to 12 pm.

The Municipal Department of Health and Civil Defense will also vaccinate institutionalized elderly people over 60 years of age with the fourth dose and continues to vaccinate all Gonçalves over 5 years of age against the coronavirus. The second dose of Pfizer immunizer for adolescents aged 12 to 17 years is now available. The secretariat also expanded from 30 to 67 the places for childhood vaccination – from 5 to 11 years old, which also work from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

For the fourth dose of the elderly, it is necessary to present proof of vaccination with the three previous doses and identity. The secretary asks that the population arrive at the vaccination points an hour before the end of the vaccine application so that the work ends on schedule.

For the application of the first dose, people over 18 years old need to carry a vaccination card and SUS card or CPF. Minors under 18 must present a vaccination book, SUS card or CPF, ID and be accompanied by a responsible person over 18 years of age.

For the second dose, it is mandatory to present an identity document and proof of vaccination of the first dose. For the booster dose, it is necessary to bring ID and proof of the second dose. For the additional and booster dose of immunosuppressed patients, proof of the second dose applied/additional dose, identity and proof/report of the immunosuppressive disease, respectively. For the fourth dose of seniors over 80, it is necessary to present identity and proof of previous doses.

Parents who are unable to take their children under 12 years of age for vaccination must provide a written document (father or mother) for anyone over 18 years of age to take the child to the vaccination point. In this case, the parent who signs the declaration must also deliver an identity document with a photo for the parent to prove the authenticity of the consent. Parents should also pay attention to the vaccination interval. If the child has taken any other vaccine, you should wait 15 days for the coronavirus vaccination.

bedridden – For children between 5 and 11 years old, those responsible must send an email to: [email protected] to request vaccination at home with the following information: name, address, comorbidity or permanent disability, reason for being bedridden, age and contact telephone number.

Balance – São Gonçalo has already vaccinated 774,518 people with the first dose of the vaccine, 689,233 with the second dose, 348,822 with the booster dose, 22,272 with the single dose of Janssen and 6,219 with the second booster dose for the elderly.

Check audience and number of doses:

Seniors over 70 – Four servings

Institutionalized elderly over 60 years old – Four doses

Seniors over 60 – Three servings

Adults over 18 years old – Three servings

Immunosuppressed adults over 18 years old – Four doses

12 to 17 year olds – Two servings

Immunosuppressed 12 to 17 year olds – Three doses

Children 5 to 11 years old – Two servings

Adults over 18 who took Janssen – Two doses

Adults over 18 who have taken Janssen and are immunosuppressed – Three doses

Seniors over 80 who took Janssen – Three doses

Child vaccination sites

1 – Hélio Cruz Health Center, Alcântara

2 – Gonçalense do Mutondo Clinic

3 – USF Josyandra Moura Mesquita, s/nº, Colubandê

4 – PAM Coelho

5 – USF Bandeirantes

6 – USF Tancredo Neves, Trindade

7 – Jorge Teixeira de Lima Health Center, Jardim Catarina

8 – USF Agenor José da Silva, Jardim Catarina

9 – USF Jardim Catarina I, Jardim Catarina

10 – USF João Goulart, Jardim Catarina

11 – USF Elza Borges, Santa Luzia

12 – USF Floriano Barbosa, Jardim Catarina

13 – USF Ary Teixeira, Bom Retiro

14 – Marambaia Family Clinic

15 – USF Louis Pasteur, Guaxindiba

16 – USF Aníbal Porto, Monjolos

17 – Largo da Ideia Health Center

18 – Geremias de Mattos Fontes Health Center, Bom Retiro

19 – Roberto Silveira Health Center, Vista Alegre

20 – Luiz Paulo Guimarães Health Center, Laranjal

21 – Apollo III Health Post

22 – Juarez Antunes Health Center, Boa Vista do Laranjal

23 – Paulo Marques Rangel Health Center, Portão do Rosa

24 – Alexander Fleming Health Center, Boaçu

25 – Albert Sabin Health Post, Fazenda dos Mineiros

26 – Carlos Chagas Health Post, Fazenda dos Mineiros

27 – USF Leôncio Correia, Itaúna

28 – Mutuá Health Post II

29 – Jair Arantes da Cruz Health Post, Boa Vista

30 – David Capistrano Health Center, Recanto das Acacias

31 – Neuza Goulart Brizola Health Post, Palmeiras

32 – Constantino Farah Health Post, Mutuapira

33 – Portão do Rosa Health Center, Portão do Rosa

34 – Mahatma Gandhi Health Center, Jardim California

35 – Itaúna I Health Center

36 – Washington Luiz Health Center, Zé Garoto

37 – USF Zé Garoto

38 – Ana Nery Health Center, Gradim

39 – Barbosa Lima Sobrinho Health Center, Porto da Pedra

40 – Armando Leão Health Post, Morro do Castro

41 – Wally Figueira da Silva Health Post, Rocha

42 – Gonçalense do Barro Vermelho Municipal Clinic

43 – Jardel do Amaral Health Center, Venda da Cruz

44 – Bento da Cruz Health Post, Porto Novo

45 – Getúlio Vargas Health Center, Boa Vista

46 – Francisco Ribeiro Youth Health Center, Engenho Pequeno

47 – Health Center Dr. Haroldo Pereira Nunes, Camarão

48 – Mother Teresa of Calcutta Health Post, North Star

49 – Luiz Carlos Prestes Health Center, Santa Catarina

50 – PAM Neves

51 – Bocayuva Health Post, Sete Pontes

52 – Rio do Ouro Health Center

53 – Emílio Ribas Health Center, Sacramento

54 – Manoel de Abreu Health Center, Ipiíba

55 – Hiparco Ferreira Health Post, Engenho do Roçado

56 – Santa Isabel Health Post

57 – Marechal Cândido Rondon Health Post, Colubandê

58 – Luiza de Marilac Health Center, New Mexico

59 – Almerinda Health Post

60 – Family Clinic Dr. Zerbibi, Arsenal

61 – José Jorge Health Center, Santa Isabel

62 – Vila Candoza Health Post, Coelho

63 – Doutel de Andrade Health Center, Maria Paula

64 – Badger Silveira Health Post, Tribobó

65 – Flávio Henrique de Brito Health Post, Jockey

66 – Adolfo Lutz Health Post, Amendoeira

67 – Mutuaguaçu Health Post

Vaccination sites for youth and adults

Health Center Dr. Washington Luiz, Zé Garoto

Health Center Dr. Helio Cruz, Alcantara

Augusto Sena Health Center, Rio do Ouro

Paulo Marques Rangel Health Center, Portão do Rosa

Jorge Teixeira de Lima Health Center, Jardim Catarina

Santa Izabel Health Post, Santa Izabel

PAM Coelho

PAM Neves

Barro Vermelho Municipal Clinic

USF Bandeirantes

USF Vista Alegre

Gonçalense do Mutondo Clinic

Family Clinic Dr. Zerbini at Arsenal

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