Covid made nurses rethink 10 years of career and sell chocolate

Graduated 10 years ago, Julio worked on the front lines of covid-19, was infected and lost his father-in-law

Julio Ricardo França decided to change the course of his life with chocolates.  (Photo: Kísie Ainoã)
Julio Ricardo França decided to change the course of his life with chocolates. (Photo: Kísie Ainoã)

For ten years working in the health area, nurse Julio Ricardo França found himself being bombarded by the covid-19 pandemic while working on the front line against the virus. After facing the routine of the service, being infected and losing his father-in-law to the disease, he decided to leave the hospital, work in the education of new professionals and add a different flavor to his life: working with chocolate.

The kick-off of the new journey came in August of last year, when Julio decided to leave the Navy, where he worked as a nurse-lieutenant captain. He narrates that before the pandemic emerged, he already imagined himself looking for new creations, but as covid-19 intensified, he decided to take decisive action.

As he explains, the two years dealing with the virus were one of complications both at work and in his personal life. A few months before leaving work at the hospital, the nurse still lost his father-in-law to the disease and also had to recover after being infected himself.

Nurse worked on the front lines during the covid-19 pandemic.  (Photo: Personal archive)
Nurse worked on the front lines during the covid-19 pandemic. (Photo: Personal archive)

In addition to covid, he details that the intensity of work made his body sick as a result of the routine. Therefore, he revisited his career in the profession and saw that he could do more for the area and for himself in a different role.

“Working on the pandemic took a toll on me and I realized I could do more outside of the hospital. Today, I’m still a nurse, but teaching classes and I decided to start a business”, she says.

Keeping his love for the profession, Julio returned to Campo Grande and started teaching at a university, as well as starting his plans to become an entrepreneur.

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I like to create new things and in January I started thinking about the project. I really like chocolate, so I started doing market research, because I wanted something delicious to sell and also to buy”, he says.

With public surveys in hand and decided to invest in the chocolate business, Julio managed to include health knowledge even in the enterprise.

According to the nurse, Chocolatês Mundo Encantado has several options, but the big difference is that healthy products are the main highlight.

“We’ve noticed that people are looking for healthy chocolates, so we have several gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan options. Even so, we continue with products for the general public, such as milk chocolates.”

Happy with the new trajectory, the nurse will officially open the store this Saturday (7) and sums up that, managing to unite his plans and creating experiences, life has become better.

To learn more about Julio’s store, just access the profile on Instagram @chocolatesmundoencantado.

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