DF government authorizes contests with up to 2,200 vacancies for nursing technicians and health agents | Federal District

The Department of Economy of the Federal District authorized, this Wednesday (4), the holding of contests with up to 2.2 thousand vacancies for the positions of nursing technician and health agent at the Health Department (SES-DF). The ordinances were published in the Official Gazette of the Federal District.

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Vacancies are divided as follows:

  • Nursing technician: 200 vacancies for immediate filling and 1 thousand for reserve registration
  • Environmental health surveillance agent: 17 vacancies for immediate filling and 400 for reserve registration
  • Community health worker: 102 vacancies for immediate filling and 500 for reserve registration

For the position of nursing technician, the starting salary is BRL 1.7 thousand for a workload of 20 hours, and BRL 2.8 thousand, for 40 hours. For people involved in environmental health surveillance, the monthly remuneration is BRL 2 thousandand for community health agents, BRL 1.7 thousand.

According to the Health Department, “the next steps for carrying out the competition are: constitution of the working group; elaboration of the basic project by the working group; submission of the basic project to the validation of the areas; choice and contracting of the institution; and, for end, the publication of the notice of the competition”.

“SES will participate in the working group and the forecast for carrying out all the steps is 30 to 40 days.”

According to the ordinances published in the DODF, “the filling of positions in the reserve register is conditioned to the maintenance of the public interest and budgetary and financial availability”.

Since the beginning of the year, the GDF has authorized a series of tenders for different areas. On Tuesday (3), the holding of a competition with 219 vacancies for the Instituto Brasília Ambiental (Ibram-DF) was released.

In February, the GDF authorized competitions for delegates, professors, doctors and nurses, with a total of 5,500 vacancies.

The Military Police received authorization to hire 2,100 soldiers. The PM’s expectation is that those approved will join the corporation in 2023. The starting salary of a second-class soldier in the corporation is BRL 4.4 thousandmore aid

There is also authorization for the contest to fill 1,400 vacancies for the new University of the Federal District. There are 250 vacancies for teacher and 100 for tutor, with immediate provision. Another 1,050 vacancies are destined for the formation of a reserve register.

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