Eidos Montreal has several projects underway in the EU 5

Embracer Group acquired three Western studios from Square Enix last Monday (02) for $300 million. In a recent conference call, the bosses of the acquired production companies talked about the undertakings. In this session David Anfossi, responsible for Eidos Montreal, revealed that the developer has “several” projects in progress on Unreal Engine 5.

Anfossi says he made the decision to work on Epic Games’ new graphics engine so he could focus on the game’s content. While the exec didn’t make it clear what these new games are, he did talk a lot about Deus Ex and Thief at the meeting — is there anything from the franchises out there?

Embracer Group acquires Eidos Montreal
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Eidos currently has four creative teams with 442 employees working out of its main office in Montreal, Canada. The last major release from the house was Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy, whose sales were lower than expected by Square Enix.

Anfossi ended the session by stating that “being part of the Embracer Group will take Eidos Montreal to the next level and make its talents and players very happy”.

Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics and SE Montreal games that were sold

Shortly after the announcement of the acquisition at the beginning of the week, the MyPS prepared a list of the properties of Eidos Montréal, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal that were sold to the Embracer Group. Check out!

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