Giant spider turns into pet and helps Australian avoid cockroaches in the house

An Australian man decided to tame a huge hunting spider he found in his home. The case drew attention on social media and some people came to suspect the veracity of the story, which was confirmed by the IFL Science portal.

“Her name is Charlotte, she is a welcome member of the Gray family in Australia. She loves to eat bugs and stuff,” wrote one user on Twitter, where the spider appeared after the case was first reported on a Twitter account. private group on facebook.

The author of the original post was Jake Gray, father of two and self-declared guardian of the spider Charlotte. “Hunter spiders have always been tolerated in our home because of the amount of cockroaches, and we don’t use chemicals to kill the cockroaches,” Jake told IFL Science.

Jake took to calling the arachnid people’s names to make Charlotte’s presence in the house less frightening. “We first saw Charlotte 12 months ago and she was bigger than usual,” said the Australian, who hopes to see her grow bigger in the coming months.

Although it may seem scary, this spider does not pose a danger to humans, as its venom is harmless and is normally used against prey, such as insects and small reptiles.

“What should you do if you find a big spider in your car or living room? First, control yourself! It won’t hurt you,” recommends behavioral ecologist and spider expert Linda S. Rayor to IFL Science .

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