Hospital Unimed Ribeirão Preto uses laser in brain tumor surgery

The use of minimally invasive techniques, such as laser, signals positive advances in neurosurgery. In addition to reducing surgical and hospitalization time, the technique allows for the extraction of tumors with much more precision and safety. In Brazil, laser therapies have been used for about four years. In Ribeirão Preto, at Unimed Hospital, earlier this month, a high-complexity brain tumor surgery used the technology in the intraoperative period and was considered a success. The procedure was performed on a 39-year-old woman, who was discharged after four days and is at home recovering without any sequelae.

The surgical intervention was led by neurosurgeon Breno Nery and had the participation of a team composed of another neurosurgeon, anesthesiologists and a neurophysiologist. According to the doctor, it is a complex case of a brain tumor at the base of the skull, known as foramen magnum meningioma, located in the transition between the head and the cervical spine. It is a rare pathology, which represents one of the most challenging tumors of the central nervous system in relation to its surgical treatment.

The doctor Breno Nery explains that in this region there are important structures, from vessels, such as the posterior inferior cerebellar and vertebral artery (of the head), to low cranial nerves. “It is a region with a lot of nerves. If there is an injury during the surgery, the patient can be left with major sequelae such as hoarseness and difficulties in swallowing and breathing,” he explains.

To remove the tumor in the preoperative period, an embolization was performed, that is, the removal of all the vascularization of the tumor so that it bled less. In this way, the medical team was able to have a correct view of the anatomy of the region to then use the laser. “With the laser, it was possible to destroy the tumor cell in an extremely precise way, without reaching any nerve in the region”, highlights the neurosurgeon.

Normally, in an operation of this size, a medical team takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete the extraction of a tumor. In this procedure, using the laser, the microsurgery time was around 1h20 and the total surgery took 3 and a half hours. “It is an intervention that becomes much less dangerous, more precise, and it is possible to destroy the cell with great ease. With the use of the laser, together with the ultrasonic aspirator, it is possible to remove it much faster and safer”, evaluates the doctor, noting that, in this type of tumor, it is very difficult to extract its implantation base because it is necessary to cut regions that are not can be manipulated. “The use of technology allowed for a shorter surgical time and minimized the possible sequelae of the patient, who was discharged five days after the surgery”, completes Nery.

According to the doctor, in skull base surgeries the patient is usually hospitalized for two weeks, due to the need to use a probe in the postoperative period. In some cases, some procedures such as tracheostomy are also necessary.

the use of laser

The laser beam technology – monochromatic light that concentrates a beam of high-intensity directional and coherent light – has been collaborating in a very positive way in the process of removing tumors in dangerous areas, as it has special properties that make it a powerful tool for use. scientific. With the technique, the temperature of the tumor cell is raised so intensely that it dehydrates and dies.

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