Man spent six years with a penis implanted in his arm

“Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis dangling from your arm?” says Malcolm MacDonald when recounting his drama

In 2010, Malcolm MacDonald suffered a serious problem with a blood infection, which resulted in his penis falling off some time later.

It was then that a medical team, led by Professor David Ralphfrom University College Hospital in London, England, began to study the possibility of reconstructing the limb.

I had been struggling with an infection for years, but I had no idea what could happen. It spread across my fingers and toes and turned them black. When I saw my penis darken, I was beside myself. It was like a horror movie. Then one day he fell to the ground,” he told The Sun.

Malcolm remembers how he suffered after losing his penis. He says the shock was such when he saw his penis fall to the floor of his own house, that he threw the organ in the trash and spent two years in isolation because of it.

Fortunately, in part, the medical team succeeded in reconstructing the limb, from which they used part of the flesh of his arm. The choice was made so that he would have sensitivity in the new member.

Surgery to replace the new organ was performed in 2015, but it did not go as expected. Because he still suffered from a lack of oxygen in his blood, the penis had to be grafted into his arm, after all, the operation was considered risky.

Another surgery, however, which was supposed to take place later that year, ended up suffering delays, which became even greater after the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The situation made Mac Donald had to spend six years with his new six-inch penis in his arm.

Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis dangling from your arm? It was a nightmare, but now it’s over,” he said in an interview with UK-based Channel 4 television.

The surgery was funded by the National Health System (NHS). In all, the operation cost 50 thousand pounds (about R$ 313 thousand). “It was a nine-hour operation. The first thing I did was look down and I was like, ‘Oh, they got it this time.’ I feel like a real man again.”

intimacy revealed

In addition to the limb replacement operation, the medical team also placed a kind of pump in his scrotum, which will help him resume his sex life. His story will be told in a documentary entitled “The Man with a Penis in His Arm”.

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