– Nursing fills a solemn session and deputies promise approval of the Federal Nursing Council Floor

President of Cofen, Betânia Santos, says that approval of the floor is an achievement for professionals

A crowd of nursing professionals packed, on Wednesday morning (4), the premises of the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, in Brasília, in a celebration of the category that anticipates the approval of the salary floor scheduled for the afternoon. In an emotional speech, Senator Fabiano Contarato (PT), declared that the approval of the floor is a matter of “empathy” and was cheered for more than two minutes while crying.

The long-awaited PL 2564/2020 was guided by the president of the House, Arthur Lira, who had a speech read by deputy Carmem Zanotto (Citizenship). In the text, he said that the category proved to be the “gear” of health systems and called for the support of the other deputies in the house. “We count on the support of the deputies. We pay tribute to nurses and we are united in defense of the category and our country. We recognize this noble work, which is very courageous and touches lives every day,” he said.

The session started around 11:30 am and ended only after 2 pm. Nursing representatives, invited to the solemn session, were the first to speak. Libya Dantas Bellusci, from the national direction of the Union of Nurses of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SindEnfRJ), represented the National Confederation of Workers in Social Security (CNTSS). “We need to guarantee the victory of the largest working class in Brazil. We are watching over everyone’s lives 24 hours a day and the time has come for this plenary to recognize the real importance that Nursing has for this country. And, for that, appreciation is needed through a decent wage floor.”

Then, Valdirlei Castagna, president of the National Confederation of Health Workers (CNTS), took the rostrum to endorse the speech. “Until today, of the times I came to this house to talk about Nursing, we had nothing to celebrate. We have been seeking recognition for 70 years, a historic struggle of health workers. But today is a memorable day! For the first time, we are holding a formal session outside Nursing Week and we will have the opportunity to partially correct this devaluation.”

The president of the National Federation of Nurses (FNE), Shirley Morales, sang about the Brazilian northeast, women, blacks, browns and descendants of indigenous peoples, calling for the category and thanking the presence of so many workers in the plenary. “Many of us died on hospital floors. Lives were taken due to lack of conditions and public policies and if it weren’t for Nursing in the field of struggle – which was a field of war – there would be even more lives”.

The president of the Brazilian Nursing Association (Aben), Sonia Acioli de Oliveira, emphasized the category’s struggle. “We fight for a dignified, decent and, above all, ethical Nursing”.

The president of the Federal Council of Nursing (Cofen), Betânia Santos, ended the speeches of the guests emphasizing that the approval of the floor will be an achievement, a milestone for more than 2.5 million health professionals. “This will seal a path for the appreciation of the category.”

Parliamentarians show support for the PL and recall the importance of a decent salary for Nursing

Empathy – The most moving speech was by Senator Fabiano Contarato (PT-ES). As he ascended the rostrum, he was given a standing ovation by the nursing professionals present, who shouted in chorus several times “thank you, Contarato!”. He was not economical in supporting the PL and even apologized for the delay in the floor, on behalf of politicians. “Only those who do not have empathy are against this project. It reaches the poorest population in Brazil. This recognition is the least we can do, as it will serve professionals and reduce inequality in our country,” he said.

Deputy Túlio Gadelha (Rede) even guaranteed that, in the event of a possible presidential veto to the project, the deputies would face it and overthrow it. Deputy Célio Studart (PSD) again questioned the reason for pointing out funding as an obstacle to the floor of the category. Same tone used by deputy Alexandre Padilha (PT), who said that the approval of the floor was a “redress” for Nursing. Also speaking at the formal session were MPs Sâmia Bomfim (Psol), Vivi Reis (Psol), Alice Portugal (PCdoB), Leda Sadala (Progressives) and MPs Bacelar (PV), Júlio Delgado (PSB) and Antonio Brito (PSD). ).

Floor PL – PL 2564/2020, proposed by Senator Fabiano Contarato (PT-ES) and approved under the terms of the amendment by Senator Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA), establishes a floor of R$ 4,750 for nurses and proportional floors of 70% of the value for technicians and 50% assistants and midwives, corrected by the INPC (Consumer Price Index). “These are not ideal values, but they eradicate miserable salaries, unfortunately still practiced in several institutions, and bring a breath to professionals. The advancement of the PL do Piso is the result of a broad agreement and dialogue, and it already takes into account the country’s financial reality”, he evaluates.

Source: Ascom – Cofen

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