President of SINTRAM more directors and health and endemic agents of Divinópolis celebrate approval of the PEC of the category floor –

The president of Sintram, Luciana Santos, the vice president of the Union, Wellington Silva, the director of union training, Geise Silva, and the financial director, Vantuil Alves, went to Brasília to accompany together with the health agents and endemic diseases of Divinópolis. , the vote on PEC-09/2022 that was approved on Wednesday night (04), thus guaranteeing the national salary floor of R$ 2,424.00 for the category.

The Senate Plenary approved, in a semi-presential session this Wednesday (4), the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 9/2022, which deals with the remuneration policy and the valorization of professionals who carry out activities of community health and agent to combat endemic diseases.

By agreement between the leaders, the two voting rounds were carried out in the same session. The PEC got a unanimous vote, with 71 votes in the first round and 74 in the second. To pass the Senate, a PEC needs at least 49 votes. Now, the text goes to promulgation, in a special session of the National Congress that is yet to be scheduled.

The matter, initiated by Deputy Valtenir Pereira (MDB-MT), was reported by Senator Fernando Collor (PTB-AL) and approved in the morning at the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ). There were 11 years of processing within the National Congress. The vote was accompanied by a great mobilization of community agents, both in the CCJ and in the Plenary.


For Senator Collor, the approval of the PEC is a relevant moment in the country’s history. Collor recalled that it was he who sanctioned the program of community agents and the Unified Health System (SUS), when he was president of the Republic (1990-1992). He also thanked fellow senators for their support and highlighted the work of health agents, who work from sunrise to sunset, in favor of the country’s health.

— This session is historic. It is an act of justice for community workers, so that they have the security of their salary, retirement and other benefits,” declared Collor.

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, affirmed that it is essential that the Brazilian state keep these professionals in their posts, with fair salaries and with adequate working conditions. That’s why, he added, the PEC is so important. He praised the dedication of the approximately 400,000 agents who work in the country today and stressed that the importance of each of these professionals became even more evident during the coronavirus pandemic.

— Often, agents act without the proper conditions. The Legislature cannot fail to support these professionals,” he said.

Pacheco passed the vote to the vice president of the Senate, Veneziano Vital do Rêgo (MDB-PB). According to Pacheco, it would be a tribute to Veneziano’s contribution to the approval of the matter. Veneziano thanked Pacheco for his kindness and said that the PEC does justice to professionals who take care of the health of so many other Brazilians.

Senator Weverton (PDT-MA) stated that the PEC has gone through a long but successful journey. He said that in Maranhão alone there are 23,000 community workers. For the senator, the PEC represents an important step towards consolidating his career. Weverton said that the category needs to be valued, “because it goes where the state does not reach, in various corners of the country”.

— The public servant needs to be valued. If we have efficient service, we have a happy and well-groomed society. There are still many achievements to come,” argued the senator.


Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS) thanked the author and the rapporteur of the PEC and also praised the articulation of fellow senators for the approval of the matter. He said that community agents deserve the applause of all Brazilians. For Flávio Arns (Podes-PR), the community agent knows the history of each person’s health, even knowing his name. He said that the appreciation of these professionals is historic and important. Zenaide Maia (Pros-RN) praised Collor’s work, in the rapporteurship, and noted that the PEC is a tribute due to the agents.

— This is an agenda that builds, builds and saves lives. Congratulations to the health and endemic agents – declared the senator.

According to Senator Izalci Lucas (PSDB-DF), there are about a thousand community workers in the Federal District. He pointed out, however, that around 5,000 agents would be needed to carry out the DF’s health policies. For Izalci, the PEC is a way of recognizing and valuing those who work for health. Along the same lines, Senator Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ) stated that the approval of the PEC is a recognition of the importance of agents.

For Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE), the PEC is a way of doing justice to these professionals, who play a key role in improving the population’s health. Humberto, who was Minister of Health between 2003 and 2005, called for everyone to unite in favor of more resources for the health area. Senator Alessandro Vieira (PSDB-SE) highlighted the senators’ understanding of the PEC and thanked the community agents for their efforts, who work with what is most important: people’s lives.

“This change in the Constitution is a manifestation of that respect and that priority,” he celebrated.

In the view of senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS), the PEC is a way for Congress to dialogue with deep Brazil. She said that more than a profession, agents exercise a priesthood. Senator Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), president of the CCJ, thanked the senators for their efforts in approving the proposal, which he classified as “extremely important for Brazil”.

Senators Roberto Rocha (PTB-MA), Paulo Rocha (PT-PA), Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA), Vanderlan Cardoso (PSD-GO), Jean Paul Prates (PT-RN) , Soraya Thronicke (União-MS), Nilda Gondim (MDB-PB) and Cid Gomes (PDT-CE) also highlighted the author’s initiative, the role of the rapporteur and the importance of the careers of community agents.

— These professionals are the guardian angels of the health of the poorest population in the country — highlighted Cid.

Budget and additional

The text of the PEC provides for a national salary floor of two minimum wages (currently equivalent to R$ 2,424) for the category and also provides for additional unhealthy work and special retirement, due to the risks inherent to the functions performed. The PEC also determines that states, the Federal District and municipalities must establish other advantages, incentives, aids, bonuses and indemnities, in order to value the work of these professionals.

The PEC establishes that the salaries of agents are paid by the Union and that the amounts for this payment are recorded in the Budget with its own and specific allocation. According to the proposal, the financial resources transferred by the Union to the states, the Federal District and the municipalities for payment of salary or any other advantage of community health agents and agents to combat endemic diseases will not be included in the calculation for the purposes of the personnel expense limit.

Source: Agência Senado

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