Rhinitis: why there is no cure and how to treat stuffy nose and sneezing

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Up to 84 million Brazilians have rhinitis. Illness is usually worse in childhood and adolescence

“What does it cost to get three guys together in a laboratory and find a cure for rhinitis?”

What seemed to be a humorous outburst by João Zastrow, a Twitter user, turned into a real and thought-provoking doubt about a disease that affects up to 40% of the world’s population (or about 84 million Brazilians) — the post on social media has already had more than 165 thousand likes and 43 thousand shares.

Allergic rhinitis, a condition marked by a stuffy nose, repeated sneezing, itchy face and difficulty breathing, usually worsens in autumn or winter and is related to some environmental triggers, such as dust, pet hair, mites and pollen.

While the treatment has come a long way in the last two or three decades, the truth is that there really is no cure for rhinitis — and many scientists believe that we will never see a definitive solution to this problem.

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