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The Metropolitan Health Assistance Association announced, through a newsletter, the end of the activities of the Santa Saúde plan in Sorocaba. The end of the plan is due to financial problems, mainly resulting from lawsuits to settle debts.

According to the executive director of the plan, Jose Robelio Belote, the guideline is that beneficiaries look for another health plan through portability. Also according to him, letters are being sent to the beneficiaries of the plan communicating the end of activities and guiding them to seek other plans and not be left unattended.

Belote also states that, for the time being, there is no forecast for the end of Santa Saúde’s activities, since the closure depends on the migration of beneficiaries to other agreements.

What to do when a health plan closes down?

The first step is to look for a health plan that accepts plan portability. It is essential to look for a plan that is already renowned in the market, that has credibility, good service and structure and that can best meet your needs.

Not doing this, the beneficiary may fall into the old maxim that the cheap can be expensive, and may have future problems with care, directly affecting their health.

It is also essential to look for a health brokerage with a name in the market and that offers a pre- and post-sale that really works so that the beneficiary can ask questions and have a better direction in their health actions.

A good brokerage tip is Servplan Saúde, which has more than 90,000 lives in its portfolio and has one of the largest structures in the region, with its own newly opened headquarters located in the Campolim neighborhood, in Sorocaba.

Servplan Saúde has professionals trained to offer the best options for health plans — Photo: Disclosure/Servplan Saúde

Another differential of Servplan Saúde is the pre- and post-sales service with qualified professionals to help members to find the plan that best fits their profile, providing all assistance with the plan after the acquisition.

An excellent migration option for Santa Saúde beneficiaries is the NotreLife UP 50+ plan, which is designed for people aged 49 or over and one of the differentials is the support of a consultant to outline the beneficiary’s life plan and organize actions within the care network and in the care of their health.

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Servplan Saúde has more than 90 thousand lives in its portfolio — Photo: Disclosure/Servplan Saúde

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