Ukraine denounces ‘complicity’ of EU countries against embargo

Ukraine on Wednesday classified European Union (EU) countries against an embargo on Russian oil imports as “accomplices” to “crimes” committed by Russian troops on Ukrainian territory.

“If any country in Europe continues to oppose the embargo on Russian oil, there will be good reasons to say that this country is complicit in the crimes perpetrated by Russia on the territory of Ukraine,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dymitro Kuleba said in a video on Twitter. , shortly after Hungary said that it opposes this embargo “in its current form”.

The European Commission has proposed a gradual ban on Russian oil imports to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, with the aim of eliminating Russian oil within six months.

However, Hungary warned on Wednesday that it could not support the proposed ban in its current form as it would “totally destroy” the security of its energy supply.

Kuleba said Russia was using oil and gas profits to “continue funding its war machine” and added that if any member of the bloc opposes the embargo, “it means one thing: they play on the Russian side and share the responsibility of everything Russia does in Ukraine”.

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