Xbox & Bethesda Showcase: The length of the presentation may have been revealed

The Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase will be held, as we have seen, in June 12, 2022 and it is the big annual presentation event planned by Microsoft for its video game front, at the moment without many official details, but meanwhile the duration of the event, which could reach approximately 90 minutes.

To be honest, the information is yet to be fully confirmed, but many have noted how, by adding the event to their calendar on a computer via the function on the official Xbox website, the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase is added to their calendar for a duration. 90 minutes, from 14:00 to 15:30.

If we are dealing with fast-paced videos, interspersed with some interludes, then 90 minutes is also a long time for a presentation of this type and, in any case, it is generally in line with what was previously seen by Microsoft, which also in 2021 set up a definitely rich show in a similar time period.

Discussions focus on starfield in particular: Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 should be the moment when the game will finally be presented in more depth and that could take some time.

If Bethesda decides to opt for a long, detailed presentation like the one she did for Fallout 4, then indeed, 90 minutes in total for the entire show might be “few”, but many variables still need to be seen.

In any case, it is not certain that these 90 minutes are really effective and not some kind of placeholder inserted for the calendar apps, as it is to see how the games will be presented and if there will be smaller events of more in-depth study placed later. Also, a rumor has surfaced these days that almost all of Microsoft’s studios seem destined to present something at the event.


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