Conservative US politician caught in nude video with another man

Credit: Playback/Instagram

Maddison Cawthorn used social media to justify himself about the video (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

US Congressman Madison Cawthorn, just 26 years old, is famous for his conservative agendas. This week, however, the Republican had a leaked video in which he appears naked in bed with another man. The information is from the newspaper O Globo.

The video, published by the American Muckcrakers PAC group, quickly reverberated in the American political world. Running for re-election, Cawthorn will go through the party primaries on May 17th.

Cawthorn said he is being blackmailed and used social media to comment on the case. “A new blow has just fallen against me. Years ago, I was being rude to a friend in this video. We were acting silly and joking,” he said.

Madison is the youngest lawmaker in the United States. A Christian and advocate of conversational and anti-LGBTQIA+ agendas, the politician has been involved in other sexual controversies in the past. In March of this year, he accused party colleagues of inviting him to an orgy, as well as having seen lawmakers using cocaine.

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