End of passwords? Big techs strike deal to end credentials

Apple, Google and Microsoft today announced an alliance to expand support for logins without password on mobile devices, desktops and browsers. Tech giants are working together to create technology that is more convenient and secure than the current one.

The union, unusual in the industry, tries to solve the modern password problem. On the one hand, many people tend to create weak credentials or even already known by fraudsters, such as “123456”. On the other hand, it’s hard to remember so many keywords when they are very difficult (and so many).

According to information from TechCrunch, the password replacement will allow you to log into apps or websites with a physical input such as a fingerprint scan, face scan or device PIN — just like unlocking cell phones.

how should it work

The idea is precisely that the user can access an app or site using only the fingerprint (or the equivalent of this “key”), not having to remember all the registered passwords.

The expectation of companies is that, starting next year, a user will only be able to use the fingerprint to access applications in Safari, Chrome, Android, macOSWindows or edge. In practice, this means that it will be possible, for example, to log into your Google account in the Chrome browser running on Microsoft Windows, using a passkey on an Apple device.

Users will also be able to automatically access all of their login credentials. Login across multiple devices, including new ones, without having to re-register all accounts. The process should be independent of the operating system or browser you are using.

Password fraud protection

The feature, which does not yet have a name, is being developed in a partnership between big techs and FiDO Alliancea consortium of companies that aims to reduce the use of passwords and improve authentication standards.

The action will also be important to combat fraud as it would make it difficult for scammers to compromise the Login remotely, as you will need access to a physical device.

“Working with industry to establish new methods of Login that provide better protection and eliminate password vulnerabilities is central to our commitment to creating products that deliver maximum security and a seamless user experience,” said Kurt KnightApple’s senior director of platform product marketing, in a press release.

Although currently Google, Apple and Microsoft already have a standard of Login created by FiDO Alliancepeople still need to enter their passwords to access applications or websites when they are using different operating systems.

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