Goiás has five times more dengue cases per 100,000 inhabitants than the national average | Goiás

For every 100,000 residents of Goiás, 1,300 have or had dengue this year, according to an epidemiological bulletin from the Ministry of Health (MS). The agency indicates that this incidence is five times higher than the average across Brazil, which is 254 diagnoses for each group of the same number of people. Anápolis, 55 km from Goiânia, was one of the cities that identified a significant increase in the disease and left two health units exclusively to treat patients with dengue.

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The MS data were released last Friday (29). The same study shows that, between January and April this year, Goiás recorded 98,400 cases of dengue.

The Goiás State Health Department (SES-GO) reported that it works with municipalities – sending products and guidelines – to combat the disease. (see full note at the end of the report).

Aedes aegypti mosquito — Photo: Reprdoução/EPTV

Based on the situation shown by the MS epidemiological bulletin, infectious disease specialist Marcelo Daher commented that the best way to deal with a greater number of people with the disease is to quickly diagnose cases and think of solutions to promptly attend to these people.

“Maybe hydration tents, labs ready to do tests […] and assist this patient more quickly with blood counts, mainly, and serology”, he said.

According to the City of Anápolis, two Emergency Care Units (UPAs) started to attend only cases of dengue. Adding up all the visits of a health unit, the administration recorded almost five thousand more in the last month and attributes this increase to the high number of people with the disease.

Larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquito — Photo: Reproduction/TV Anhanguera

A UPA of Rio Verde, in the southwest of Goiás, the average is of 500 attendances per day, according to the administration of the place. Director of the unit, Paulo Renato Silva said that, for every ten patients, eight are there because of dengue. Because of this, they increased the number of doctors on duty from seven to eleven.

“We’re practically back on the same team we had during the pandemic,” he said.

Goiás Health Note:

Regarding the questions raised by this communication vehicle, the Goiás State Health Department informs the following:

-The Government of Goiás carried out a series of actions in the fight against Aedes, such as the distribution of 720 units of motorized costal pumps to the 246 municipalities in the State, with the maintenance of another 211 that already exist; 20 vehicles for releasing insecticides on urban roads (smoke) covering the health regions of the State and for Goiânia, and insecticides for the 18 Health Regionals.

-SES-GO intensified the mobilization and intensification of guidelines with municipal managers of health, urban cleaning, infrastructure, environment, education, communication, among others, to define intersectoral coping strategies, through environmental management, epidemiological surveillance and health care.

-To align the actions, meetings were held with secretaries and municipal entities, training with health professionals and fronts for cleaning and combating the vector in several municipalities. The SES-GO Health Surveillance Superintendence (Suvisa) inspected the municipalities with the highest incidence of cases and in which high rates of building infestation were identified during the Rapid Index Survey for Aedes aegypti (LIRAa), carried out in January/2022 . The objective, with these measures, is to help municipalities to stop the spread of dengue.

-SES-GO sends basic medicines to the municipalities for the treatment of patients and maintains contact with those with the highest incidence of dengue to collaborate with the reorganization of beds in the municipal health units. The State Hospital for Tropical Tropical Diseases Dr. Anuar Auad (HDT) has beds for assistance to the most serious cases, being a reference unit of the assistance network.

-The number of dengue cases is routinely monitored by the SES and published in epidemiological bulletins available on the folder’s website: https://www.saude.go.gov.br/boletins-informes.

-The state government carries out constant reports and advertising campaigns so that society can also be informed and motivated to collaborate with the elimination of breeding sites for the transmitting mosquito, leaving their homes free of environments conducive to the reproduction of Aedes aegypti, such as tires, open containers , uncovered water tanks, accumulation of standing water and debris.

Goiás State Department of Health

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