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President Jair Bolsonaro fully vetoed a project that extends, until June 30, the exemption from meeting performance targets for entities that provide services to the Unified Health System (SUS). The text also provides for the full transfer of the amounts contracted due to the covid-19 pandemic. The author of the project, Senator José Serra (PSDB-SP), reacted to the presidential sanction, rebutted the arguments and announced that he will work to overturn the veto, anticipating its fall.

According to Message 214/2022, sent on Wednesday (4) to the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, with the edition of the ordinance that declared the end of the “public health emergency of national interest”, scheduled to come into force on 22 May, no further extension will be required.

PL 2,753/2021 was approved in the form of a substitute by the Plenary on March 23, with rapporteurship by Senator Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA). The suspension of targets had been established by Law 13,992 of 2020, valid from the previous March 1, and was extended twice due to the continuity of the pandemic, through laws 14,061/2020 and 14,189/2021. The last extension ensured flexibility until December 31, 2021.


Upon learning of the veto, José Serra published a note to the press in which he rebuts the arguments used by the Planalto to veto the project that would guarantee the total transfer of resources provided for in the Budget of Santas Casas and philanthropic hospitals. He also accused the government of breaking the agreement, as PL 2,753/2021 was unanimously approved in both the Chamber and the Senate.

“Once again, President Bolsonaro acts against the country’s public health,” Serra wrote.

According to the senator, his proposal would not generate extra cost for the Executive, since the Budget provides funds for service contracts to the SUS, which are conditioned to the achievement of goals. Serra also refuted the argument that the end of the Public Health Emergency of National Importance (Espin) due to covid-19 would reduce the difficulties of Santas Casas and philanthropic hospitals to meet the goals.

— The end of Espin does not mean the end of the pandemic. It is the World Health Organization (WHO) that should decide on this.

The senator said he was convinced that the Senate and the Chamber will override the veto, as he had full support from parliamentarians, including a favorable referral from the government.

— I am sure that the National Congress will override this groundless veto. We will indeed guarantee the money for the Santas Casas!

The Constitution determines that the veto be considered in a session of Congress, being necessary the absolute majority of the votes of deputies and senators for its rejection. The veto not considered after 30 days of its receipt is automatically included in the Congress agenda, blocking the other deliberations until it is voted on.

Agência Senado (Reproduction authorized with reference to Agência Senado)

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