Terrified residents organize curfew after wave of wild boar attacks – News

A series of wild boar attacks in northern neighborhoods of Rome, Italy’s capital, has prompted residents to establish an informal curfew in the region. The problem is not recent, but it has intensified in recent weeks.

According to the British newspaper Guardian, in the most recent attack, a wild boar pushed a woman and went over her head on Sunday (1). The terrifying encounter was the final straw for locals trying to protect themselves from the wild animals that have roamed Rome for years.

“In the chats [nas redes sociais] among people in the neighbourhood, and especially in dog tutor chats, the advice given is not to go out after 8:30 pm”, said Gianluca Sabino, a resident of the region, to the newspaper La Repubblica.

Many of them also fear that an unsuspecting child will fall victim to a wild boar. A bite or a step from these animals can be fatal for them.

The government is also trying to help solve the problem, and has announced that it will put up fences in regions with a greater presence of wild pigs, in addition to ordering more frequent garbage collection, as the food attracts the animals.

Animal protection organizations point out that such attacks only occur when wild boars feel that their young or food sources are threatened.

The advice given to residents is not to approach pigs eating or with young ones nearby.

In 2019, several cities in Europe faced similar problems, when wild boars invaded regions and attacked residents. Remember below the wave of destruction left by them!

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