The unique two-fuselage plane flew again, watch the moment

The Roc taking off, in the scene of the video presented in this article

As has been followed by AEROIN, after having performed its fourth flight test in February this year, the unique two-fuselage aircraft with the largest wingspan in the world gained in April a special device in the center of its long wing.

As the Roc, designed and built by Stratolaunch, will be destined to launch rockets and hypersonic vehicles at altitude, it had for the first time installed, in the central section between the two fuselages, the device where the vehicles to be taken to the sky will be fixed.

With that, this last Wednesday, May 4, the different aircraft took off again with its 117 meters of wing, for the fifth flight test, as shown in the video below.

According to Stratolaunch, in this further test over California’s Mojave Desert, the team focused on expanding the flight envelope and validating the newly installed support, which will transport and release the Talon hypersonic vehicles.

The images of the flight can be watched in the player below, in which the “flirt” (observation) plane is first noticed taking off and then the Roc, with all its strange grandeur:

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