Turk considers the tallest woman in the world to get another three records in the Guinness Book

Turkish Rumeysa Gelgi, 25, is considered the tallest woman in the world by Guinness World Records and won this recognition in October 2021 for her height of 2.15m. Now, she has gotten another three marks in the publication for having the biggest hands, fingers and back. The information is from UOL.

According to Guinness World Records, Rumeysa has the longest fingers for a living person at 11.2cm. Biggest hands, 24.26 cm on the left and 24.93 cm on the right. And finally, the wider back, measuring 59.90 cm.

Weaver syndrome

Rumeysa has a rare condition called Weaver syndrome. It is a genetic mutation that causes excessive growth and advancement in bone age.

Because of this condition, the Turkish woman needs a wheelchair to get around most of the time. Despite this, she can perform physical activities such as swimming.

Many experts believe that Weaver syndrome is hereditary. However, Rumeysa’s parents and siblings are of average height.

To motivate other people, the Turkish woman shares her routine on her Instagram profile.

“I like being different from everyone else. It also gives me easy access to high places, and looking at people from above isn’t a bad thing either,” she said.

She emphasized that she was only able to overcome her difficulties when she began to deal with them in another way. “Every disadvantage can be turned into an advantage for you, so accept yourself for who you are, be aware of your potential and do your best.”

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