A condition that makes a person look like a child can be caused by a hormone deficiency; understand | Health

The death of a 20-year-old boy in Pará with the appearance of a child caught the attention of the internet last Wednesday (4). José Roberto Gomes Alves was known as Molequinho and was shot dead in Castanhal.

The g1 sought out experts who explained that this appearance could be caused by a hormone deficiency. PhD in endocrinology from USP Lorena Lima states that the victim appears to have hypogonadism, a malfunction of the gonads.

“This situation can happen if people have some pubertal delay or some situation of hypogonadism, that is, they have a malfunction of the gonads. The gonads are the testes in men and the ovary in women. As a result, this person does not develop characteristics of older people”, said doctor Lorena Lima.

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Man with childlike appearance is killed in Castanhal – Photo: Reproduction

The victim’s appearance may have been caused by a deficiency in the production or action of hormones. the endocrinologist João Eduardo Salles states that an eventual treatment for a case like this would involve hormone replacement.

“Probably, he has some deficiency in the production or action of the growth hormone, which is GH. When the child is not stimulated by the presence of GH, it causes him not to develop aspects of an older person. Or some problem pituitary, a defect in the production of the pituitary hormone that triggers puberty. This is called hypogonadism. Treatment can be done with hormone replacement, “says Salles.

Hormone deficiency can cause complications

The doctor Lorena Lima also said that the absence of testosterone can cause complications, including: depression, anemia, osteoporosis and infertility.

“Something happened in his body that made him not have access to testosterone. What makes a child take the form of an adult is testosterone, in the case of men. [o hormônio], she does not have an adult form. She stays in the form of a child forever. The absence of testosterone can cause her to have depression, anemia, osteoporosis, decreased muscle mass, infertility, erectile dysfunction. A series of situations.”

Salles adds: “It is a patient who has not developed the adult form. He may have diseases associated with this non-production of hormones. It does not increase the risk of death, but he (a patient who does not produce hormones) will have a bad quality of life”, he said.

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