Elden Ring VR shows itself in 15 minutes of gameplay

A few days ago, we reported here on Eurogamer a mod that would allow players to play Elden Ring in virtual reality. Now, thanks to the release of a 15-minute gameplay video (which you can see below), we’ve had a closer look at the mod.

While the initial video only showed the tutorial phase in VR, this video shows us other instances of the game: the fight against the Tree Sentinel, the first encounter with Melina, what it’s like to ride in Torrent and the confrontation with the boss Margit, the Fell Omen.

Upload VR had the opportunity to play the mod and revealed some information about it: in addition to the standard third-person camera and the new first-person option, there are two other modes. ‘Closer’ brings you closer to your character without fully taking her perspective; you also have ‘REAL Close’, which brings the camera even closer.

You can also activate tourist mode, which will make enemies and NPCs ignore you (even attacks) and you’ll be able to walk through the beautiful The Lands Between in a more relaxed way.

Of course, there are problems that are not present in the “normal” version, such as armor passing through objects, which you can see in the video itself.

Do you think Elden Ring in VR is a good idea?


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