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THE Mothers Day is celebrated this Sunday, May 8th. Here in Guia do Plano de Saúde, we highlight a special tribute to share love on this date. Have you congratulated all the mothers who are in your daily socializing? Let’s spread love and affection in this message!

Mother's Day Message New Leader Saúde

Mother’s Day Message New Leader Saúde

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They say a mother’s love is the greatest love in the world. That pure, true and eternal love. Your children’s hearts will always be linked to theirs. Regardless of where they are. Therefore, on this special date, the most important thing is to be present. If it is not possible, let there be presence with heart and soul.

“We wish health to all moms. A special congratulations to the mothers who work with us here at New Saúde Leader, to the mothers who are patients, to the mothers who follow us, in short, here is our affection and our gratitude”, congratulated the clinical director of New Saúde Leader, Dr. . Jose Ricardo.

With Health, may Mothers and Children enjoy unforgettable moments today and always. So that we always remember the best lessons and messages from our mothers.

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In post-pandemic times, may we honor with affection all the moms who are gone because of Covid-19. Or gone for any other reason. And that we can also value the present that is to have the presence of mothers around here. Valuing every second of love we have with your company.

On this Mother’s Day, share Love and Health!

Remember: with healthy practices, we are taking care of our present in search of a longer and special future.

  • Healthy Eating: Take care of your food
  • Healthy Body: Get moving! Practice physical activities and take care of your body
  • Healthy Mind: Slow down! Taking care of the head is essential for us to follow

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