In celebration of Hand Hygienisation Day Unimed Sergipe promotes awareness action

On May 5, the whole world celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day, a practice that has always been very important for health, but which gained even more prominence during the new Coronoavirus pandemic. To celebrate the date, Unimed Sergipe promoted throughout the day an educational action in its hospital, with the aim of strengthening hygiene protocols among its team.

The nurse of the Hospital Infection Control Commission (CCIH) at Unimed Hospital, Jessika Ramos, visited nurses and doctors performing a question and answer game. The quiz raised questions about hand hygiene in hospital care protocols, such as times when hygiene should be done, the correct way, among other approaches.

“Hand hygiene is the cheapest and most effective method of preventing infections within hospitals, as the hands are the main responsible for the spread of microorganisms in any environment, but especially in the hospital, as we use our hands for everything. When we have this as a priority, we reduce cross-infection, which happens when we take a patient and, without the use of adequate PPE and not hand hygiene, we take microorganisms from him to another patient”, explains nurse Jessika.

The cooperating infectologist Unimed Sergipe, the doctor Mariela Cometki, who is also coordinator of the CCIH at Unimed Hospital, explains that the act of sanitizing your hands may seem unpretentious, but the pandemic has shown its real importance. “60% of people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. In patient care, this simple act is not only a gesture of cleanliness, but also of economy and responsibility, as hospital infections are largely attributed to the lack of hand hygiene. Let’s set an example and save lives”, points out Mariela.


In 2022, the theme of the day is “United for safety: wash your hands”, defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). The theme is an appeal to sick health professionals and their families to unite in hand hygiene in order to achieve a culture of safer and better quality care.

“The more we talk about hand hygiene and do it correctly, we will ensure a lower spread of microorganisms not only in hospitals, but throughout the community. At Unimed Hospital, we advise on the correct way of cleaning even for the administrative staff, who come in contact with medical records and with papers that leave the hospital”, says nurse Jessika.

Regarding the correct way to sanitize the hands, the nurse says that 70% alcohol, whether liquid or gel, is effective, however, water and soap should be prioritized. “Alcohol 70 is scientifically proven to be effective, but we cannot spend the whole day using it, because it will end up creating layers and in a short time it will no longer have an effect. We advise that every six times you use alcohol, use soap and water in the correct way, to ensure that you will remove the layers of gel from your hands”, emphasizes Jessika.

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