More than 300 meteors are spotted in the sky of Santa Catarina; watch

As reported by Olhar Digital, the first major meteor shower of 2022 took place this week. The state of Santa Catarina alone had about 300 space fragments flying over its sky. São Paulo and Paraná also had records of space objects.

Purely illustrative image: Heller & Jung Observatory/Reproduction

Known as the Eta Aquarids, this meteor shower occurs as Earth passes through the densest part of the trail of debris left by Comet Halley. Each small fragment left by the comet, as it passes through our atmosphere at high speed, generates a meteor, which is the luminous phenomenon popularly known as “shooting star”.


Watch Eta Aquáridas in the sky of Santa Catarina:

During a meteor shower, several fragments of the same trail hit the atmosphere. In the case of Eta Aquárids, its activity begins on April 21 and goes until May 12, but the moment of greatest intensity of rain occurs in the night between May 5 and 6, when it usually presents more than 40 meteors per hour in conditions ideals.

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This Thursday’s rain is not the only one that occurs annually with meteors associated with Comet Halley. In addition to it, Orionids, which takes place in October, is also generated by the debris of the same comet, but it is not as intense as Eta Aquarids.

To learn more about Eta Aquárids and the meteor shower that flew over Santa Catarina, access the Digital Look article.

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