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The Unimed Teresina System, which includes the Intermed health plan, brought together a special team of mothers to tell their stories and their relationship with motherhood. The meeting is part of the system’s actions to celebrate the Mothers Day.

The collaborators Jordânia Viana, nutritionist at Hospital Unimed Ilhotas; Luciany Braga, social worker at Unimed Primavera Hospital; Rosângela Valadão, nurse auditor at Operator Unimed Teresina and Marliane Anchieta do Nascimento, service assistant at Clínica Intermed, spoke about the challenges involved in being a mother. The four have in common the unconditional love for their children and stories of persistence, overcoming, dedication and abnegation.

Jordan Viana always knew she would be a mother. Even after repeated miscarriages, she never gave up on her dream. Today, she has two children: João Gabriel and José Pedro. At birth, the youngest, João Gabriel, had complications and was in the ICU for a month. Today he is a beautiful, strong and healthy child.

“I have no words to describe this morning of strong emotions remembering this journey to the realization of my dream”.

Jordan Viana, nutritionist at Unimed Ilhotas Hospital. — Photo: Nadia Fernandes

Luciany Braga is also the mother of two daughters (Natália and Bárbara), and she dropped everything to take care of one of them, who was diagnosed with lupus and had to be hospitalized for many months fighting for her life and waiting for a transplant.

“They were difficult times, but we got through it together and today we can celebrate this very special date”.

Luciany Braga, social worker at Unimed Primavera Hospital. — Photo: Nadia Fernandes

Nurse Rosângela Valadão could not get pregnant, but the dream of being a mother was realized through adoption.

“I didn’t give birth, but God allowed me to be a mother in another way. I give love, affection and care every day. Today I am happy and fulfilled as a mother of Yasmine Valadão”.

Rosângela Valadão, nurse auditor at the Unimed Teresina Operator. — Photo: Ascom Unimed Teresina

Marliane Anchieta has always been very attached to her two daughters, Ana Alice and Ana Beatriz, especially the youngest. Therefore, when she needed to leave the house to work, she was afraid of distancing herself from her daughters. A year ago, she separated from her husband and, thinking about the comfort and safety of her daughters, she preferred to leave them with her ex.

“All the decisions I make in my life are thinking about the best for my daughters. For them, I am capable of anything,” she declared.

You can get emotional and learn more details about these stories of pure love, on the social networks of Unimed Teresina and Intermed, starting this Saturday.

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