Myth or Truth: Benefit of Chewing Gum

You’ve certainly chewed a lot of gum throughout your life. The habit is quite common and is closely linked to some of the typical childhood pleasures of any Brazilian.

While there is evidence that the sugar in gum can be harmful to your mouth and body health, there may be benefits as well.

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The famous chewing gum may offer some advantages to people, but few people know it. Therefore, it is worth knowing what the habit of chewing gum can bring you good.

Of course, the consumption of the substance must be done in moderation so as not to make the positive effects turn into bad things for human health.

Chewing gum can benefit people

Chewing gum can serve to reduce a human’s stress levels, for example. It has been proven that people who chew gum are better able to control anxiety. It’s no wonder that there are specific gummies for smokers to get rid of cigarette addiction.

A study published in the journal Stress and Health shows that teens who chew gum reduce anxiety before a turning point. That is, people who chew gum before tests are more likely to do well in the exam, for example.

Chewing gum lowers blood pressure

Another important benefit of chewing gum is in lowering blood pressure. More than that, the habit can reduce the acidity of the mouth and still control blood glucose levels. Cognitive performance is also favored, as many gummies have caffeine in their composition.

Heads up: you need to chew gum in moderation, as excess can cause serious gastric and intestinal damage. In addition, the sweetest gums are also bad for the health of the teeth, tend to increase weight and offer various other consequential damages.

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