Outriders did not make a profit in 2021 and may be abandoned

People Can Fly’s latest earnings report confirmed that Outriders did not make a profit in 2021. According to the studio’s figures, amounts spent on development, marketing and distribution were not recovered, and the title could be abandoned due to the lack of payment of commissions. .

After Square Enix confirmed the loss of more than $ 200 million with Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, a new failure knocks on the publisher’s door. That’s because, despite digital sales and the number of active users have pleased the company, the payment contract established for the action RPG seems to have not been fulfilled.

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Source: People Can Fly

Below are excerpts from the investor conference, which was hosted by People Can Fly:

Since the game was ready and placed on the market (which happened on April 1, 2021), the company is entitled to commissions payable if specific money (as defined in the agreement) from its sales ensures that the publisher has recovered a certain amount. level of costs incurred in connection with the development, marketing and distribution of the game. The level of commissions depends on the specific amount of money from game sales.

The group did not receive any royalties from the publisher until December 31, 2021, which means that, on the aforementioned date, the money obtained from the sale of Outriders was insufficient to recover the costs and expenses that the publisher incurred in development, distribution and marketing. .

On May 13, a report will be filed by Square Enix, likely containing an official statement on the case. However, without any guarantees about the future of the game – even with the release of the Worldslayer DLC -, People Can Fly may be left without revenue for Outriders and would discontinue the production of content for the title.

Outriders DLC Scheduled for June

The Worldslayer expansion will arrive on June 30, with an all-new campaign for Outriders and an extended level cap. The DLC will also give you the option to reset character attributes and explore an even more extensive skill tree. Click here to learn more.

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