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Sweatcoin was the most downloaded app in Brazil this week. The pay-to-walk app is ranked number one in downloads on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. In the iPhone (iOS) store, the platform remains at the top since Sunday (1st). Two days later, the same thing happened on the Android store, where Sweatcoin has already been downloaded over 10 million times. The information is from the ranking made by Data.ai, a consultancy specializing in the mobile market, which lists only free apps for download.

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Last Tuesday (3), the company announced on its Twitter profile that it reached the mark of 1.26 million users, a record for the platform. The app that pays to walk went viral on social media after the popularization of a trend from TikTok. In it, they stated that it was possible to withdraw the money obtained after inviting 15 friends to register for the service. However, it is worth mentioning that the currents spread across the internet are not true, as it is still not possible to withdraw real money from Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin, an application that pays users for physical activity, is the most downloaded in Brazil since May 1st — Photo: Raquel Freire/TechTudo

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Sweatcoin is premised on encouraging users to exercise through remuneration. It works in conjunction with apps like Google Fit and Apple’s Health to access step count data. Every thousand steps is worth 1 Sweatcoin, currency that can be used to buy gift cards, get discounts at affiliated stores or make donations to partner charities.

The fitness app also gives away sweatcoins in other ways: by inviting friends to join the platform, watching ads or participating in challenges. It is also possible to get coins by subscribing to the premium plan, which offers twice the rewards compared to the free version.

Sweatcoin has challenges to reward runners community — Photo: Reproduction/Raquel Freire

In both cases, virtual money cannot be converted into real money. This should only happen when the platform launches its own cryptocurrency, “Sweat”, announced for starting in June. However, the market value, forms of redemption or other details regarding the cryptocurrency are not yet known.

Launched in 2016, the app has a consolidated reputation and is maintained through advertisements and transactions carried out through its marketplace. In other words, Sweatcoin is a reliable app and, although the payment is not in any official currency, the amount purchased has real-world value — like Play Store discount coupons, which can be purchased in the app store.

With information from App Annie (1 and 2)

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