Teen manages to send photo of killer before being killed

A 16-year-old girl managed to send a photo of her killer via Whatsapp. The body of the victim identified as Karina Blanco Durante, was found in a river in the municipality of Cáchira, Colombia.

The young woman was murdered while walking to catch the bus and go to school. She noticed that she was being chased by a man and at this moment she photographed him and warned the family, shortly after the message the teenager disappeared.

With the photo, relatives and neighbors were able to identify the man responsible for the crime, he was found and murdered.

Local police chief Carlos Martínez said the authorities had managed to capture Karina’s attacker. However, while the police were transferring the suspect, the bystanders attacked him causing fatal injuries.

The victim’s father mourned the loss of his daughter and shared what the teenager’s plans were for the future.

“She wanted to study psychology. She was a very mature, judicious girl, she already knew what she wanted”,

said César Blanco, Karina’s father.

Authorities continue to investigate the case. The cause of the teenager’s death has not yet been released.

*With information from Meganoticias

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