Elden Ring player is tricked by invisible bridge

For every distant location in the Middlelands of the Elden Ring there is something or someone to troll fans. Recently, a player was tricked by another player’s specter, who made him believe in an invisible bridge somewhere around the Volcano Mansion.

The internet user “Rskpiano“, as he is known on Reddit, was exploring an area filled with lava, where there is a large empty space. Facing the abyss, the ghost of another player appeared and “walked” in the air, making him believe in the existence of an invisible bridge right in front of him. He decides to follow the soul, but immediately falls straight into the sea of ​​flames.

I had to laugh at myself for this. I had absolute faith in my actions. from Eldenring

I had to laugh at myself for that. I had absolute faith in my actions.

This place in question is a shortcut to the Godskin Noble fight and requires the player to explore the area on the other side for the shortcut to appear. The specter had probably already raised the bridge, but from “Rskpiano’s” perspective, an invisible connection connected the areas. Best not to trust any spirits scattered across the Midlands, eh?

Coliseum at Elden Ring
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Elden Ring had a good reception on Metacritic, where it is rated 96 — worthy of Game of the Year. FromSoftware’s new bet is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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