Endoscopist warns of bowel cancer prevention and highlights early screening to achieve a cure

Posted on 05/05/2022 14:20.

The doctor also demystified the way endoscopy is performed, ‘shooing away’ the fear of many patients.

Endoscopist warns of bowel cancer prevention, highlights early screening to achieve cure

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Gabriel Gonçalves

Recently, the Hospital Geral Clériston Andrade (HGCA) performed a procedure unprecedented by the Unified Health System (SUS) through the Center for Digestive Hemorrhage of the Interior of Bahia (CHDI). This is an Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD), which was performed on an 88-year-old female patient, in whom she had an intramucosal malignant lesion.

According to endoscopist, CHDI coordinator, Dr. Victor Galvão, in this type of procedure, the patient needs to be intubated with general anesthesia, where with an endoscopic tube, it is possible to locate the early gastric cancer and remove the lesion.

During an interview with the Acorda Cidade Program on Thursday morning (5), the doctor explained that bowel cancer is very common among men and women and highlighted that there are screening programs capable of curing the disease in 90% of cases.

“This type of cancer is the second most common among men and women, and in the case of men, it is the most common cancer after the prostate. It is worth noting that colon cancer is the most prevalent, which is why we prevention, and there is a screening program, where it is possible to cure this disease in 90% of cases, when an early diagnosis is made from the age of 50. This cancer is multifactorial, where there is the modifiable and the not. modifiable, and the non-modifiable is genetic, that’s why, who has a family member who had bowel cancer, needs to seek follow-up from an early age, a preparation even at 40 years old or earlier, since the modifiable cancer that we call, are related to lifestyles, such as diet, stress, physical activity, a diet rich in red meat, processed foods such as hams, salami and this increases the risk”, he highlighted.

The endoscopist doctor also drew attention to pancreatic cancer. According to him, the lesions are diagnosed at a late stage.

“The vast majority of injuries are diagnosed at a late stage, so most patients no longer have that chance of cure, but when it is discovered at an early stage, surgery can be positive,” he said.

Preparing for the endoscopy exam

Many patients claim that they are unwell because of the exam that is done and all the preparation in advance. According to endoscopist Victor Galvão, this procedure is necessary to clean the entire lining of the intestine.

“Unfortunately, this type of exam still carries a certain rancidity, a negative stigma that must be demystified. Each case is a case, each patient is a patient and we will evaluate together. procedure, where it is evaluated by the anesthesiologist, if necessary, by the cardiologist to know the health condition. Really this preparation is a bit ‘boring’, and it is not 100% innocuous, it can have some degree of complication, but for that, we have a team of professionals inside the hospital to support this patient. So the preparation starts the day before, where the patient needs to have a liquid diet, using laxative tablets, where the so-called diarrhea starts during the night. next day, this patient continues using a laxative, which is a sweetened juice, which can be in the flavors of orange or lemon, preferably for the patient. After this cleaning that is done in the intestine, this patient will ‘sleep’, due to anesthesia, so that the procedure is done”, he concluded.

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