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Mayors and Secretaries of the Microregion of Health of Barbacena participated, on Friday (06), in a Regional Technical Meeting at the Oncological Center of Hospital Ibiapaba CEBAMS (COIC). The Secretary of Health of Minas Gerais, Fábio Baccheretti, was also at the meeting.

The keynote lecture was given by the medical physicist of the company ESCLA, responsible for the medical physics of COIC, Ademar Caldeira. He explained how is the process of treating cancer through radiotherapy. “I can assure you that the treatment offered by Hospital Ibiapaba CEBAMS is, without a doubt, high-tech embedded and one of the best available today. The institution has invested a lot to provide a good service to patients,” he said.

The Technical Director of Hospital Ibiapaba CEBAMS, doctor Antônio José Fonseca de Paula, explained how radiotherapy in Barbacena improves the quality of life of patients. “Before, we – oncologists – had difficulty referring patients to Radiotherapy in other cities. In addition to the bureaucratic aspect, we saw the suffering of people in the process of moving to undergo treatment. Now that has changed. We are already living a new moment. We made a point of inviting the mayors of the Microregion of Barbacena to know that we can provide service quickly, agile and with quality. In the last few days, we have had cases here at the Ibiapaba CEBAMS Hospital of patients treated at our Oncology office, who are referred to the Oncological Center and, in about 30 minutes, are already seen by the radiotherapist. Soon after, the doctor and the team already make the plans for the treatment”, he noted.

One of the most emotional moments of the Meeting was the entry of volunteers from the Association for the Support of People with Cancer and Their Families (APPC) in the linear accelerator bunker. The entity was a great mobilizer of the undersigned that culminated in the release of the Radiotherapy device in Barbacena. In all, the undersigned gathered 30,000 signatures. The large number had an effect and, together with this popular articulation, public agents and deputies were sensitized and the Ministry of Health approved the project of the Ibiapaba CEBAMS Hospital, releasing resources for the acquisition of the device that performs the treatment. The volunteers prayed around the device and, moved, celebrated the beginning of Radiotherapy in Barbacena.

In addition to patients from the municipality of Barbacena, people from 14 other cities in the Microregion of Health of Barbacena will also be assisted by the Oncological Center of the Hospital Ibiapaba CEBAMS, covering a population of 237,652 inhabitants.


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