It is now possible to save the covid-19 vaccination certificate in the iPhone wallet

The Conect SUS app released the option to save the covid-19 vaccination certificate in the iPhone Wallet. With the novelty, it is possible to keep the receipt in digital form even without internet access, bringing more practicality to travelers. And it’s really quick to make… Here’s how to save yours!

How to save Covid-19 vaccine certificate on iPhone?

To save your vaccination card on your iPhone, follow the steps:

  1. Install or update the latest version of the Conect SUS application (App Store);
  2. Inside the app, tap on “Vaccines” and then on “Covid-19”;
  3. Tap the blue button “Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate”;
  4. The certificate will be displayed and, just below, check the icon to add it to Apple Wallet;
  5. Just select the icon and that’s it, your certificate will already be included in the digital wallet. If the icon does not appear, check if your Connect SUS application is up to date.

The certificate saved in the Wallet informs that its validity is only for the national territory. However, the Brazilian certificate is accepted for traveling to most countries that still require the document, such as the United States. For circulation in some countries, mainly in Europe, it may be necessary to issue a local vaccine certificate.

It is worth remembering that in December last year, the Conect SUS system was down for more than ten days due to a hacker attack and left many users in trouble. If you have a trip planned and you don’t want or can’t save the digital receipt on your cell phone, we recommend saving a PDF and sending it to your email, so you always have it handy in case the system goes down again. Whoever has the voucher saved in Wallet will only depend on having the device loaded to access it.

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