‘It was a joke’, says conservative deputy caught naked with another man

“Blackmail won’t win. We will,” he wrote.

A video showing Conservative Representative Madison Cawthorn of the US, naked with another man on a bed, amid screams and laughter, was leaked this week. It’s only 28 seconds of footage – a wheelchair, used by Cawthorn, appears in the scene. Openly against the rights of the LGBT population, the politician spoke out on Thursday (5), claiming that the leak is part of a “blackmail” to target him.

“A new blow to me just landed. Years ago in this video, I was being rude to a friend, trying to be funny. We were acting silly and joking. That’s it,” Cawthorn, 26, wrote on Twitter. “Blackmail won’t win. We will.”

The episode joined other scandals involving Cawthorn’s name, prompting prominent Republican names such as Kevin McCarthy to sever ties with him. According to American TV ABC, Cawthorn accused party leaders of inviting him to orgies in March. The Republican also claimed to have seen other lawmakers using cocaine.

“A lot of Republicans think he’s an embarrassment, given the things he’s saying and the things he’s done. . And I am one of them,” said former Republican Senator Jim Davis.

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