What are the symptoms of diabetes?

THE diabetes It is one of the main diseases related to cardiovascular problems in the world. According to the projection of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 212 million people have not yet been diagnosed. Therefore, it is important to know the diabetes symptoms to be able to identify and treat it more quickly.

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“THE type 2 diabetes is very prevalent and, in most cases, the disease is completely asymptomatic, making identification difficult”, warns Adriano Cury, endocrinologist from the Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital of São Paulo, to “Women’s Health”, where the information comes from.

diabetes symptoms

According to the doctor, the most common symptoms of diabetes are easy to identify. They include frequent, rapid thirst weight lossconstant urination, blurred vision, tiredness and slow healing of cuts and wounds.

The problem, however, is that when the rate of glucose in the blood is high, the disease can be confused with other conditions. “The person may feel tired, without energy, not notice other symptoms related to the increase in glucose in the body and think that they have other problems of health“, exemplifies Cury.

Symptoms in pre-diabetics

To complicate matters, it is common for the prediabetes do not show clear symptoms of the disease. “This person may have levels of blood sugar higher than normal, but not enough to be classified as diabetic”, recalls the specialist.

Therefore, the signals should be better investigated and interpreted as a warning. Upon receiving the appropriate treatment, changing the lifestyle and control blood sugar levelsthe individual will have an overall improvement in health.

I present the symptoms of diabetes. What to do now?

“If this patient has diabetes related symptomshe needs an evaluation to confirm or not the diagnosis”, warns the endocrinologist.

Some possible consequences of untreated diabetes are: diabetic retinopathy Or until loss of vision, heart diseases, Brain stroke (BIRD) and diabetic neuropathy. THE renal insufficiency is also a possibility, in which case you may even need dialysis, according to the specialist.

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