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The councilors of Campinas (SP) hold the first session on the morning of this Monday (9) at the Bento Quirino Theater building, in the central region, while the renovation of the Legislative building, in the Ponte Preta neighborhood, lasts. The change was approved on May 4 and the discussions by parliamentarians are once again in person, but still without the presence of the public, until adjustments are made to the property.

The session starting at 9 am can be accompanied by TV Câmara or the internet.

The 14-item agenda highlights two bills (PLs) that will be taken to the second vote: one that exempts children from wearing a mask in schools during the pandemic, and another that defines the creation of a program aimed at promoting of mental health and attention to psychological problems resulting from the health crisis. See below for details on the proposals and the renovation of the House..

The project that makes the use of the mask optional in educational institutions was approved in the first vote with 19 votes in favor and eight against. The requirement is currently imposed by the city hall in a decree of March 19, although the requirement has not been made by the government of São Paulo either. The Secretary of Health says that “it is not a good time to exclude the measure”.

The text of the bill says that the “requirement for the use of personal protective masks by children under twelve years of age to circulate in public spaces, open or closed, including in school environments, during the Covid-19 pandemic” should be prohibited. 19″. Check the PL.

According to the Chamber, the author of the project, Marcelo Silva (PSD), defended the approval of the measure, highlighting that the use of the mask is no longer mandatory in spaces such as shopping malls, cinemas and stadiums.

To be valid, the project must not only be approved in a second vote by the councilors, but also be sanctioned by the mayor, Dário Saadi (Republicans).

The Secretary of Health informed, in a note, that the mandatory use of masks in schools is reviewed weekly. On the other hand, the ministry’s advisory noted that the demand for ICU beds for children with respiratory diseases is growing, with total occupancy of beds via SUS, and there is a pent-up demand for these pathologies in pediatric wards.

The secretariat also reinforced that the use of the mask, high vaccination coverage and maintenance of habits such as the use of alcohol gel and frequent hand washing are efficient to prevent diseases.

“The decisions of the Health Department are guided by science, with an analysis of the epidemiological situation. Prevention measures will be reassessed when the current risk scenario is overcome, based on good vaccination coverage for Covid-19 in children and the drop in circulation of other respiratory viruses. Both situations will guarantee the resumption of the health system’s capacity to meet the health needs of sick children”, says another excerpt from the note, also considering that the increase in pediatric demand is not a problem exclusive to the city at the moment.

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mental health program

Another project that will be discussed and voted on by councilors deals with the creation of the Clean Mind Program, aimed at mental health. The text, by Jair da Farmácia (SDD), says that professionals interested in participating in it must be willing to attend, free of charge and in a virtual way. Check it out in full.

The first phase of the renovation began two weeks ago, says the House, and is expected to be fully completed between October and November. The works are focused on the structural recovery of the building’s floors, and the main ones are the repairs of two beams and a column, due to the risk of collapse. The entire investment will be approximately R$ 836 thousand – see the notice here.

City Hall provides education center

In February, the city government announced the renovation of the building where the Colégio Bento Quirino used to work, in addition to the part of the theater, located in front. The first area will be transformed into an educational center, while the cultural space will become a place for activities from the Culture and Education portfolios.

The property is located on Rua Luzitana, and the new structure is expected to operate from February.

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