Nigeria may run out of flights because of jet fuel prices

An extreme measure could leave Nigeria disconnected and have serious consequences due to rising fuel prices.

Air Peace E195-E2 – Image: Embraer

The rise of several products has affected not only Brazilians, but a good part of the world population. THE boom of oil prices contributes to the scenario and puts further pressure on inflation. As a result, aviation ends up being one of the most affected sectors, with kerosene from planes going through higher increases than gasoline from cars in Brazil and reaching almost 80% in the US.

However, in Nigeria the problem is greater and the country’s Air Operators Association sent a letter to the government, warning that, next Monday (9), all the country’s airlines will suspend operations, as they became unsustainable.

The directors of Azman Air, Max Air, United Nigeria Airways, Ibom Air, Arik Air, Air Peace, Dana Air and Overland Airways sign the letter, as revealed by Channels TV.

According to data from the organization, the price of aviation kerosene, which fuels jets and turboprops, rose from $190 Naira to $700, an increase of 268% in just a few months.

“While abroad the cost of fuel is 40% of airline expenses, in Nigeria it is 95%. The average cost of kerosene per seat per hour of flight in the country is $120,000 naira (R$1,468). This cannot be completely passed on to passengers, who already face various difficulties.”says the letter.

The letter further states that there is no deadline for resuming operations, and apologizes to those affected, asking them to make other plans to complete their scheduled trips.

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