WhatsApp starts testing the possibility of using one account on two phones

WhatsApp is testing one of the most anticipated features for mobile reviewers: using the same messenger account on more than one smartphone. So far, the functionality is restricted to computers, but the beta version of the app allows conversations to take place on a second mobile device as well.

If you change your smartphone frequently, as I do because of the cell phone reviews I produce here for the Digital Lookyou already know about the problem that is only present in WhatsApp: it is almost impossible to change platforms and take the history with you.


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WhatsApp on Android (Image: André Fogaça/Olhar Digital)
WhatsApp on Android (Image: André Fogaça/Olhar Digital)

Now, in yet another move to do something already present in virtually any competing messenger, WhatsApp is testing a mode called Companion mode. According to information present in the beta version of the messenger for Android, the tool allows the presence of the same account on two different phones.

WhatsApp account will be on iPhone and Android

The WABetaInfo website claims that it is possible to gain access to a WhatsApp account on an Android smartphone, from a tablet with the same mobile operating system. Also in beta, an iOS version of the messenger does the same. With this, the user will finally be able to have an iPhone and an Android, both with the same WhatsApp account and, theoretically, the same conversations.

It is currently possible to migrate iPhone history to Android, but not the other way around. Even with the current tool, one side completely misses the conversations and the other even needs to have the smartphone formatted for everything to work correctly. A gigantic hack, until then limited to Samsung devices and Google’s own Pixel.

This demand for a WhatsApp account on two cell phones is interesting for reviewers, but for most users having the web version working correctly would already be a huge advance, you know.

Via: WABetaInfo.

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